CrowdWiFi™ Streaming

Appliance for High Density Video Streaming over WiFi

SB Server + SB Client SDK

Live TV Multicast Video Streaming over WiFi for stadiums and arenas for fan engagment

CrowdWiFi™ Streaming solution allows to distribute video over WiFi connections to hundreds of users per hotspot, without overloading the access points. With CrowdWiFi™ Streaming, you get reliable real-time multicast over WiFi networks, which is fundamental to deliver high quality video to mobile devices in high density environments.

A strong use case lies in large venues for sports and entertainment, where our streaming technology allows fans to watch instant replays and live cameras on their smartphones, from their seats in the venue. Our second screen mobile technology engages fans inside the venue with valuable video content, which improves significantly the overall fan experience. This opens a new channel to reach the fans and, therefore, it is a powerful marketing opportunity to be explored that will monetize your WiFi investments.

Another strong use case for our technology is to provide Mobile TV services in high user density locations, such as food courts, waiting areas, airports or similar. With CrowdWiFi™ Streaming, you get a unique scaling factor, enabling the delivery of Mobile TV channels to hundreds of users per hotspot.

Check here other use cases for CrowdWiFi™ Streaming.

Main Features

  • Supports hundreds of simultaneous users per WiFi hotspot for video streaming over WiFi
    • 10 times more users when compared with existing solutions
    • Reduces infrastructure needs in high density scenarios
  • Supports RTSP media servers
    • Plug-and-play integration in existing streaming services
  • Easy integration with customers’ Apps through SB Client SDK
    • Support for Android and iOS platforms
  • No modification required to the network infrastructure
    • Seamless deployment in customers’ networks