Accelerating Mobile Communications

C4S™ delivers 3x faster end-to-end connections
for mobile-driven applications and services.

Why do file transfers on your mobile app get so slow?

Because you need to “unwire” your app!

You must ensure a top notch speed on your app

  • Users take you responsible for that: 55% blame the app for slow speed
  • Latency and packet loss strongly impair link speed on mobile
  • To improve the speed, you typically make use of CDN caching to place the content closer to the users

  • Bringing high costs in controlling and managing the infrastructure
  • Also, wireless technologies keep evolving to reduce latency and losses

    BUT these are workarounds, not solutions:
    70% of latency and 95% of losses occur in the wireless last mile

  • CDN caching won’t solve it, because they optimize only up to the edge of the core network
  • Wireless innovations won’t remove the unreliable nature of the wireless link

  • The root of problem lies in using a “wired” protocol, TCP

  • TCP was designed in the 70’s for wired networks, it is not suited for unstable links
  • Solution


    3x faster data delivery for mobile apps,
    on WiFi, 3G or 4G

  • Ensures higher quality of service (QoS), leading to higher user retention
  • Enables new feature for premium services - the first class lane
  • Reduces the need for CDN’s caching servers

  • C4S maintains speed even for higher latencies, thus improving QoS with less caches
  • Means less infrastructure and management costs

  • Delivers robust QoS in challenging environments

  • C4S provides stable connection speed even in unstable links
  • Speed up any data of any service through any link

  • Agnostic to content and protocol
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    Streambolico is devoted to significantly improve wireless communication to and from mobile devices. Based on proprietary network coding technology, our software based solutions deliver faster, more reliable and scalable wireless communication, without requiring any modifications to the networking infrastructure. Our solutions are up to 10 times faster in both upload and download directions, over cellular and WiFi networks. With Streambolico’s software, cloud service providers can reduce costs and significantly improve their users’ QoE.


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