Accelerating Mobile Communications

C4S™ delivers up to 10x faster end-to-end connections
for mobile-driven applications and services.


We deliver technology for a groundbreaking wireless experience.

The problem: unreliable nature of wireless links

  • TCP is the standard communication protocol for ensuring end-to-end reliability:
  • deals well with minimal packet loss and median latency
  • however, its performance is impaired with just a small fraction of packet loss (∼0.1%)
  • TCP not designed for wireless - treats all losses as congestion, but in wireless links there are many other reasons for packet loss: interference, fading, shadowing, handover…
  • TCP’s congestion avoidance reduces its goodput even when the network is not congested
  • The result: TCP poor wireless performance
  • TCP can run more than 5x slower than it could
  • The Solution: Streambolico’s Proprietary C4S

  • Sender does not need to know which packets were received (just how many):
  • Reliability ensured by network coded transmissions
  • No need to retransmit nor acknowledge any specific packet
  • Rate control designed for wireless networks
  • Distinguishes losses due to congestion from wireless losses
  • Congestion avoidance mechanism triggered only upon true congestion
  • Ensures that the speed achieved is close to link’s capacity
  • Server-Client (Proxy) Architecture
  • Implements transparent Network Coding pipe over a UDP connection between source and sink
  • Any source, any content
  • Easy integration with external services through C4S API
  • Performance

  • Performance depends mainly on two network properties: packet loss and latency
  • C4S consistently outperforms TCP
  • For low latencies (25-75 ms) and low packet loss (0%-0.1%), between 76% and 423% faster
  • Higher latencies lead to larger improvements, with improvements from 304% to 1205% faster for 150ms of latency

  • Solutions


    C4S ensures robustness against packet loss, latency and jitter, resulting in much faster and more reliable file transfers. C4S can be easily deployed and integrated with existing cloud services and/or private content servers.

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    CrowdWiFi™ Streaming

    CrowdWiFi™ Streaming solution allows to distribute video over WiFi connections to hundreds of users per hotspot, using just a small fraction of the available bandwidth.

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    About Us

    Streambolico is devoted to significantly improve wireless communication to and from mobile devices. Based on proprietary network coding technology, our software based solutions deliver faster, more reliable and scalable wireless communication, without requiring any modifications to the networking infrastructure. Our solutions are up to 10 times faster in both upload and download directions, over cellular and WiFi networks. With Streambolico’s software, cloud service providers can reduce costs and significantly improve their users’ QoE. Streambolico also offers a solution for streaming to hundreds of users per WiFi hotspot, which is essential todeliver multimedia content in high user density scenarios.

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