C4S under the hood

C4S was built on top of state-of-the-art network coding technology, ensuring that content delivery gets the speed it deserves

The Fundamentals of C4S

The two major challenges for standard protocols: packet loss & latency

  • Lost data packets cause individual retransmissions
  • Sender waits for the ACK of each packet, before sending new data
  • Latency (~distance) increases the time ACKs take to reach the sender, thus impairing speed
  • Why is C4S unique?

  • C4S ensures that every transmission is useful, irrespective of receiver status
  • Overcomes packet loss without retransmissions
  • C4S does not need to wait for the ACK of individual packets to send new data
  • Reduces tremendously the impact of latencys

  • Comparison with standard protocols

    C4S outperforms standard protocols in two fundamental aspects for content delivery:

    C4S is robust to packet loss and latency

    C4S vs HTTP

    C4S vs HTTP
    Link Instability

    C4S consistently outperforms standard protocols

  • For low latencies (25-75 ms) and low packet loss (0%-0.1%), between 76% and 423% faster

  • Higher latencies lead to higher improvements, from 304% to 1205% faster for 150ms of latency

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