Streambolico releases C4S™ for super fast file transfers on mobile (alpha version)

December 18, 2015

Streambolico announced today the release of C4S™, software that enables super fast file transfers between mobile devices and the cloud. Based on Streambolico’s proprietary network coding technology, C4S™ will help anyone who wants to improve mobile users’ download and upload experience with the cloud, by providing 3 times faster file transfers. Designed as a pure software solution, C4S™ can be easily deployed and integrated with existing cloud services and/or private content servers. Streambolico will now conduct extensive field tests in 18 different countries to validate the tremendous potential of C4S™.

TCP, the commonly used protocol for file transfers, does not serve mobile devices well. Packet loss and jitter are common in wireless networks, due to shadowing, fading and interference, slowing file transfers. Streambolico’s C4S™ file transfer solution overcomes these issues, by making use of a unique network coding protocol to overcome the unreliable nature of the wireless link, coupled with a new rate control mechanism, achieving significantly faster file transfers on mobile devices.