Streambolico accelerates mobile file transfers with C4S™

February 19, 2016

Streambolico announced today the release of the first version of C4S™, software that enables super fast uploads and downloads on mobile devices and the cloud. Based on Streambolico’s proprietary network coding technology, C4S™ will help anyone who wants to improve mobile users’ download and upload experience with the cloud, by providing 3 times faster file transfers. Moreover, C4S™ is capable of maintaining high speeds even for high latency connections, which decreases the need for CDN cache servers – therefore leading to less infrastructure required and less management costs. Designed as a pure software solution, C4S™ can be easily deployed and integrated with existing cloud services and/or private content servers.

Streambolico has conducted extensive lab and field trials in 18 countries, which have shown the tremendous potential of C4S™ to speed up mobile file transfers, and is now looking for partners with interest in the technology to participate in the validation of the potential of C4S™ via pilot deployments.

TCP, the commonly used protocol for file transfers, does not serve mobile devices well. Packet loss and jitter are common in wireless networks, due to shadowing, fading and interference, slowing file transfers. Streambolico’s C4S™ file transfer solution overcomes these issues. “Using a unique network coding protocol coupled with an advanced rate control mechanism, C4S™ achieves reliable and 3x faster file transfers to and from mobile devices, according to Rui Costa, CEO of Streambolico.

The new C4S™ file transfer solution employs a client-server architecture, suitable for fast integration with both cloud and private servers, and includes a software developer’s kit (SDK) for Android and iOS, allowing enterprises and businesses to integrate C4S™ within their existing applications.

Streambolico will be present at the Mobile World Congress 2016 from February 23 to 25. Contact for more information.