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Stadium Video streaming over stadium WiFi for fan engagement

In-Venue Video Streaming – a new channel to reach your Fans!

    Expectations keep rising with the hope for a season that will be kept in the fans’ hearts for years. This season you have the opportunity to provide a unique in-venue experience  that will place your fans closer to the action, making them live and breathe the game in a totally different way. With in-venue mobile video streaming, you can provide the “home-like” experience at the venue, with multiple camera angles from the action, instant replays and highlights, all at the hand of your fans. You can provide every fan with a premium experience, using high-quality live streams  of near-field or in-field cameras  and tactical views  of the match.

White paper on the marketing potential of in-venue mobile video

Monetize the stadium WiFi investment with HD Video streaming
In-venue mobile video streaming is not only about fan experience. For the club or venue, it is a valuable asset that empowers a strong marketing opportunity. You have the possibility to have a new channel to place your sponsors’ content in the hands of the fans. Check out our white paper on the marketing potential of in-venue mobile video.
Concert Multicast Video Streaming
CrowdWiFi™ Streaming provides a unique solution to enable scalable video streaming through the venue’s WiFi infrastructure, by enabling the transmission of high-definition video to hundreds of users per WiFi hotspot, using only a small fraction of the available bandwidth.
Racetrack immersive experience for the fans
Streambolico enables you to bring an overwhelming experience to the fans:

  • In field views of the event
  • Multiple camera angles views of the match
  • On-demand highlights and replays
  • Event promotional opportunities


  • Engage with your fans
  • Transform your venue
  • New immersive video experience
  • Increase your quality seats with quality view of the event
  • Increase sales and promotional advertising space
  • Reduce costs to deliver high quality video with no burden on the WiFi network