Telcos and Wireless Internet Service Provides


Mobile TV to hundreds of users per WiFi hotspot

    Mobile users demand access to video and other multimedia content in real-time regardless if they are using a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet. Mobile TV is here, and users want to watch their favorite TV channels in their mobile devices, either at home, while commuting or at lunch in the food court. This behavior poses a challenge for Telcos and Wireless Internet Service Providers, from who users expect a connection with sufficient bandwidth to ensure the delivery of high quality video.
    Streambolico’s solution provides scalable WiFi video streaming in high density scenarios, by making it possible to deliver video to hundreds of users per WiFi hotspot. Streambolico revolutionizes the video distribution and broadcast alternative to any mobile platform using a ubiquitous new delivery channel, WiFi networks. Scalable video streaming over WiFi enables new business models for TV channels access, new channels for targeted advertising.


    • Hundreds of users per hotspot
    • A new distribution channel to reach your audience
    • Superior scalability
    • BYOD (Bring your own Device) optimized business
    • More economical video distribution and WiFi offload
    • No need to change existing WiFi infrastructures