Hospitality, Corporate TV and Waiting Areas


Multicast your corporate content to your users’ devices

    Bring your own device (BYOD) policies can be leveraged to save in terms of TV set installations by broadcasting TV directly to the users’ own devices. WiFi is a de facto reality and omnipresent anywhere you go. Users are moving from email and web surfing to more demanding experiences, with high quality video streaming being one of the most challenging demands.
    Streambolico’s broadcast over WiFi technology allows to deliver corporate video and TV channels as well as video advertising to a focused audience. We deliver guest satisfaction everywhere: in their room, in a meeting room or conference space, in a stadium or event arena.


    • Simple installation and use
    • Highest performance for up to 3 HD channels per hotspot
    • Broadcast to hundreds of users per hotspot
    • No need to change existing WiFi infrastructures