Streambolico's job offers

Streambolico is hiring!

We are devoted to accelerating mobile file transfers and we are looking for growing our team with talented people that are passionate about raising the speed in mobile communication. Join us and be a part of a revolution in mobile file transfers. We are ambitious, which means you will be continuously challenged to think strategically and out-of-the-box.

Streambolico has offices in Redwood City (US) and Porto (Portugal).

About Us

Our mission is to deliver content fast and efficiently. Irrespective of what's the content, where's the content and how the content is reached. The secret sauce is our proprietary protocol, which speeds up downloads and uploads while ensuring that speed remains stable with increasing distance to content servers.

We are speed enthusiasts and experts in network coding technology (4 PhDs in the team, worked at MIT and U.Porto). We believe network coding can bring a tremendous impact to the content delivery ecosystem, by improving performance while reducing costs.


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