C4S - Coding for Speed

C4S delivers fast mobile downloads and uploads, ensuring your mobile-driven service is robust to packet loss, latency and jitter. And it is easily deployable!

What C4S brings you

3x faster data delivery for mobile apps

  • Ensures higher quality of service (QoS), leading to higher user retention
  • Enables new feature for premium services - the first class lane
  • On WiFi, 3G or 4G

  • Reduces the need for CDN’s caching servers

  • C4S maintains speed even for higher latencies, thus improving QoS with less caches
  • Means less infrastructure and management costs

  • Delivers robust QoS in challenging environments

  • C4S provides stable connection speed even in unstable links

  • Speed up any data of any service through any link

  • Agnostic to content and protocol
  • Features

    Easy and smooth integration

  • Integration with App via C4S Mobile SDK (Android & iOS)
  • Integration with Content Server via C4S Server software
  • Flexible deployment with minimal to no modifications

  • Embedded security

  • No need to modify your authentication mechanisms
  • Data flow protected with state-of-the-art encryption

  • Your content, you control

  • C4S Server installed within your existing infrastructure
  • No 3rd party caching or processing your data
  • Select when and which data to speed up

  • Easy to evaluate



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